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Juan Nadie
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Mariona Ginès
Beatriz Janer

17 Abril 2020

This collection of Sunset images which I post yesterday on my social media apps, it have been taken the day before through my house balance during my self carantina, it's not a new thing for me neither for the human kind to watch the sunset and get inspired by, I've done it thousands of times before, and it have been done a uncountable times before, there for from the first sight it seams invaluable and not interesting at all, and this is what I used to feel when I was seeing the ketchy sunset images with bards, or beautiful flowers and bets at the exhibitions of Photo enthusiasts and getting annoyed by this kind of cheep ketchy superficial images and this kind of sensations, but with time I got a feeling that I might blind my self of something there, and I started to reconsider this taipe and take photos of it day after day, not for my sophisticated art projects, but just to share it with my social media circles, to find out with time and practices it's never the same, each moment and each angel of what we see and experience is a totally unique one.

L'única entrada en el meu espai, la llum
L'única sortida de la ment i la mirada, tot i el vertigen...
Vertigen que perdurarà quan els nostres peus toquin finalment a terra.

Així doncs, vivim aquest moment des de l'escalf que em dones, perquè ja viurem l'abraçada futura.

En molts moments mare, en moments... Mariona